Episode 12: You Just Got Your Moneys Worth!

March 9, 2017 Published by

Here comes the Moneeeeey! Here we go NOTHeads! On this weeks mini episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, The man who brings the Money… Mister J Money, is forced to record all by himself as regular co-hosts Tom and D-Rock are sidelined, battling what can only be described as the Zombie Flu! J is still here to give you your moneys worth however (See what I did there?) as he discusses his experience at the midnight release for the new Nintendo Switch, he gives a spoiler free review of Hugh Jackman’s Logan and even offers some recommendations for the week! Always Free to Download, Listen and Share on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher! Find even more Notpodcast1 Magic through Social Media…