Open All Powers Ep 143 – No Dissemble (The All Seeing Guys Takeover)

July 3, 2017 Published by

Yes yes yes Power People! Welcome one again to a some what peculiar episode of Open All Powers. Due to the flashpoint paradox altering the timeline, OAPP is now hosted by Greg and Joe from The All Seeing Guys. And TASG is hosted by Sam and Gaz. It’s a full on podswap takeover. The fellas discuss the latest trailers and movies that made them cry as a child. Greg breaks down a couple of flicks he managed to catch on a recent flight and what remakes and reboots we can expect in the next few years. The wolf of Kingston Jack Webber is back for a report on his top 3 most anticipated movies of 2017 as well as a look back at the classic Short Circuit. Enjoy!