Episode 6: The Raid
In the last entry to the “Ultra Violent Kung Fu Trilogy”, our host embark on a dangerous mission with no
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Episode 5: The Street Fighter
Bdemdown and Mr. Being Black harden their bodies as they review the legendary Sonny Chiba in The Street Fighter. With
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Episode 4: Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky
The guys let their fist fly as they review Riki Oh: The story of Ricky. As the first entry to
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Episode 3: The Holy Mountain
Mr. Being Black, and Bdemdown get “deep” as they scale The Holy Mountain. Listen in as they try to bring
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Episode 2: Miami Connection
In the second installment of the “Passion Project Trilogy”, our host strap in for a action packed martial arts ride.
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Episode 1: The Room
In this debut episode of Cult 45, “Being Black” and “Bdemdown” watch Tommy Wiseau’s film The Room. As our hosts knock
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